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5 Metal Chops You Need To Know (Drum Lesson)

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Ash Pearson from Revocation is ready to shred with some heavy chops every metal drummer should have in their arsenal:

1. Double bass flourish
You might play this at the end of a thrash beat or use it instead of a tom fill. Roll on the snare, then move to 8th notes on the cymbals while you play 16ths on your feet.

2. Sextuplet fill
The phrase is RLRLFF. Experiment with it – try it between your snare and toms, adding splash accents, and whatever else you think would make it sound even more awesome.

3. Hand to foot swap
Start with 16th notes on your hands over 8th notes on your feet, then switch to 8th notes on hands and 16ths on feet. It’s a great note value exercise and credit goes to Thomas Lang for this one.

4. Hammer blast note value swap
Keep your hands blasting in unison and match them with your feet. Partway through the exercise, double the notes on your feet while keeping your hands consistent.

5. 3 over 4 groove double bass pattern
Your right hand plays quarter notes in this 3 over 4 polyrhythm. First, try the snare and single bass drum combination:

Then give it a shot with double bass keeping steady underneath:

If you’re just learning these skills, don’t forget to try these at a slow tempo and work your way up. You’ll be ripping around the kit in no time!

Sheet Music:

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