Home REVIEW 60 Cycle Hum LIVE! – Gibharp / Cursed Acoustic / Ghost album review / ep 347

60 Cycle Hum LIVE! – Gibharp / Cursed Acoustic / Ghost album review / ep 347

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This episode of 60 Cycle Hum Live is hosted by Guitar.com LIVE

This episode is brought to you by
Chase Bliss Audio: https://www.Chaseblissaudio.com
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This episode was originally part of Guitar.com LIVE! and was streamed on the Guitar.com Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCppTVzLUeSGFFslNTkilJCg)

Some pictures you want to know about (https://imgur.com/a/4Mm8EO7)
00:00 – 1918 Gibson
08:00 – Steve’s Caroline WC2 showed up. Ryan put some new knobs and switches on his Cyclone.
16:25 – Topic: Do virtual guitar shows make sense?
26:00 – Indonesian acoustic guitar
26:15 – Review: Ghost – Meliora
52:03 – Fretless Squier

This week’s featured artist on the audio portion was Adam Bergren. Check him out here: https://www.facebook.com/Bizzonic/

58:43 – Hanging out with the chat

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