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Bb Jazz Blues Backing Jam Track

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INTRO SOLO TAB → http://bit.ly/2QJwv5e Maps → http://bit.ly/2OCiN2o Play-along starts 0:34
Bebop warm-up exercise → https://bit.ly/2IpHL5j More Jazz Blues jams https://goo.gl/tcCfk4
FREE Jazz Blues download http://bit.ly/2PsEkLI Jazz Unicorn Tee → http://bit.ly/2N45Xcp

Here’s a fun medium up swing jazz blues jam track in the common jazz key of Bb for you guys!

Bb Jazz Blues COPYCAT JAM http://bit.ly/2kX7Ayz

Slow Bb Jazz Blues play-along http://bit.ly/2jvn0YV

More jazz play-alongs https://goo.gl/UlXMTt

Learn some comping (TAB & Notation) https://bit.ly/2H9z4wh

Trigger http://bit.ly/2xQis3m

CDs, Quist picks http://www.quistorama.com/music

Get ‘Into Jazz Blues’ http://bit.ly/2jMhAaO

Old school blues jam tracks http://goo.gl/iEBXFv


Tempo = 170 BPM

Chord Progression:

II: Bb7 I Eb7 I Bb7 I Fm7 Bb7 I
I Eb7 I Edim7 I Bb7 I G7 I
I Cm7 I F7 I Bb7 G7 I Cm7 F7 :II


Bb Minor Pentatonic Scale: Bb Db Eb F Ab (Bb)

Bb Minor Blues Scale: Bb Db Eb E F Ab (Bb)


Bb Mixolydian Mode: Bb C D Eb F G Ab (Bb) – Bb7 chords

Bb Dorian Mode: Bb C D Eb F G Ab (Bb) – Eb7 chords

C Harmonic Minor Scale: C D Eb F G Ab B (C) – G7 Chords

C Dorian Mode: C D Eb F G A Bb (C) – Cm7 chords

F Mixolydian Mode: F G A Bb C D Eb F – F7 chords

C Dorian and F Mixolydian contains the same notes as Bb Major Scale!

Bb Major Scale – Bb C D Eb F G A (Bb)

You can also treat the G7 as a G7alt chord and use the G Altered Scale…

G Altered Scale: G Ab Bb B Db Eb F (G)

G Altered Scale is also known as G Super Locrian – and it’s the 7th mode of the Ab Melodic Minor Scale.


Bb7 – Bb D F Ab

Eb7 – Eb G Bb Db

Fm7 – F Ab C Eb

Edim7 – E G Bb Db

G7 – G B D F

Cm7 – C Eb G Bb

F7 – F A C Eb

SCALE MAPS + ARPEGGIOS → http://bit.ly/2OCiN2o


2-5-1 jam tracks http://goo.gl/GD3K8s

Medium Swing A minor Jazz Blues https://goo.gl/UE1f59

Slow A minor Jazz Blues (good for beginners) https://goo.gl/D5obXd


Guitar Strings → https://amzn.to/2nTVdlX

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