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"Blackwood Lullaby" | Laid-Back Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

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Yesterday evening, I was strummin’ this Blackwood Maton on the back porch, watching the sun sink behind the lake… and this song just started flowing out. I love when melodies seem to come more from the moment than from any intellectual force. Hopefully this takes you to a moment of peace.
This is the same setup I used in my recent “Another Brick in the Wall” Pink Floyd cover, and I got a lot of questions about the stomp box I used for the kick drum sound. It was made by Wild Dog Stomp, and has two sets of tambourine cymbals that can be used open or muted, depending on the song. I’ve been really digging it. Be sure to put some 🎧 on to hear it in full-effect!

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TUNING: Standard Down a Half Step – Eb-Ab-C#-F#-Bb-Eb
• Maton EBW70C Blackwood Series Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar: https://maton.com.au/product/ebw70c
• Wild Dog Stomp Custom Blackwood Stomp Box: https://www.wilddogstomp.com/
• CEntrance R4R Mobile Recorder w/ Stereo Mics

• Fishman Aura Spectrum DI

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