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Bluebird by Cory Wong – How to play – Guitar lesson with tabs

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Welcome to my ‘no frills’ video lesson for Cory’s new track Bluebird from his upcoming album Trail Songs (Dawn) As explained in the video I hadn’t expected to do this today so didn’t have all my usual equipment with me, but when I heard it I had to give it a go!! If you haven’t heard the song yet check it out on the usual platforms , has some amazing mandolin playing from Chris Thile and a really cool solo from Cory. Also I’d recommend this great video from Cory giving some background to the recording:

Think of this as a quick bonus lesson but I still hope you can get something out of it. I have added a Guitar Pro play through at the end which may be useful. I have lots more vids in progress so hit subscribe and click the alerts bell so you don’t miss any.

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Any questions drop me a line but I hope you enjoy and get something from this you can use.

0:00 – introduction
1:20 – lesson starts – Section A
4:33 – Section B
9:25 – Guitar Pro play through

I happily do all this for fun and have no plans to try to charge for these transcriptions. It’s not my music so I have no right to do that. However I do get asked by people if they can make a donation or leave a tip and if you feel the need to do that then my PayPal details are below. Please don’t feel under any obligation to do so but obviously I’m grateful for anything received. Any funds I do receive I will put towards improving my video making equipment to try and provide better quality videos in the future. (and yes my first name is Philip, don’t ask ;))

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