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Bossa Nova Jazz Blues Backing Track (Gm)

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🎼 TABS, SCALE MAPS + LESSONS 👉 http://www.patreon.com/QuistJam Easy chill-out Bossa Nova Jazz Blues inspired by people like Joao Gilberto, Stan Getz and Antonio Carlos Jobim! From ‘Into Jazz Blues’ http://bit.ly/2BG0zHk Jam track starts at 0:19
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Drumless version https://goo.gl/LeHO21

More Jazz Blues Play-alongs https://goo.gl/tcCfk4

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Bossa Blues in A minor HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbvuJ-JN28Y

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Try this Mission Impossible style 5/4 Blues jam track https://goo.gl/8EEUQc

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Chord progression:

II: Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I
I Cm9 I Cm9 I Gm7 I Gm7 I
I Eb9 I D7#9 (Ab13) I Gm7 I Am7b5 D7#9 :II

Scale suggestions:

G minor pentatonic scale – G Bb C D F (G)

G minor blues scale – G Bb C C# D F (G)

G minor scale – G A Bb C D Eb F (G)

Eb7 chords :

Eb Lydian Dominant – Eb F G A Bb C Db (Eb)

D7 chords:

G harmonic minor scale – G A Bb C D Eb F# (G)


Treat it as an altered chord and use the altered scale:

D altered scale – D Eb F Gb Ab Bb C (D)

The altered scale is the mode which starts on the 7th step of the melodic minor scale, so in other words – the notes of D altered scale are the same as those of Eb melodic minor scale 🙂


Gm7 – G Bb D F

Cm7 – C Eb G Bb

Eb7 – Eb G Bb Db

D7 – D F# A C

Am7b5 – A C Eb G

Here’s a minor 2-5-1 lick you can try out http://goo.gl/McUjFO

Here are some minor 2-5-1 jam tracks https://goo.gl/JRvECe

And here are more 2-5-1 jam tracks (both major and minor) you might find useful as well http://goo.gl/GD3K8s



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