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Can You Play Classical Guitar With Small Hands? Tips and Resources for Small-Handed Guitarists

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https://ClassicalGuitarShed.com/small-hands-guitar/ If you have small hands, you can still play classical guitar. But there are a few things that will make it easier for you. Here are considerations, tips, and options to help with your classical guitar study.

For even more on the subject, go to https://www.ClassicalGuitarShed.com/small-hands-guitar

Classical Guitar Shed is an exploration of music, skill, and daily endeavor on the classical guitar. Find articles, courses, tutorials and more at https://www.ClassicalGuitarShed.com.

If you are learning classical guitar, or would like to learn classical guitar, CGS is a great place to discover resources to help you on the journey. Whether you’re just beginning guitar, or have been playing for decades but want to rise to new levels in your playing, you’ll find highly detailed tutorials and lessons.

At the root of beautiful playing is a solid technique (aka “the way your hands move”). You can find step-by-step methods, presented in very fine detail, showing exactly how to get great sound, and how to move your fingers. So as you progress, you can continue to improve. Bad technique puts a limit on your playing (speed, tone quality, control). Good technique gets stronger and more efficient with every practice. It forms the bedrock foundation for a lifetime of beautiful music. You’ll find loads of technique suggestions and tutorials at Classical Guitar Shed. And if you’re serious about learning great skills, you can join The Woodshed, and get arguably the finest classical guitar education online, with personal support and hundreds of practice-along videos. Read more on The Woodshed here: https://www.classicalguitarshed.com/learn-classical-guitar/

You’ll find some of the deepest-diving explorations of classical guitar and Spanish guitar pieces anywhere online, with step-by-step instructions on how to play guitar beautifully so that the music sings and connects with listeners (any yourself) on an emotional level. Music is not entirely subjective. Some ways of doing things are more effective than others. If you learn these basic “rules”, you’ll automatically play with more grace, beauty, and feeling.

At CGS, you’ll also discover archives of comprehensive articles about many of the issues, details, habits, and best practices surrounding playing guitar. You’ll find tips and tricks on how to be more effective at practicing. You’ll find articles on subjects as varied as getting great classical guitar tone, how to avoid pain and injury playing guitar, and the differences between practice and exercise. If you ever need a break from your practice and want to enrich your understanding of all that is classical guitar, browsing the Classical Guitar Shed archives are great place to explore.

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