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Challa – Jab Tak Hai Jaan Guitar Chords Lesson

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(Dm)Challa ki labhda (F)phire…C….

(G)Challa ki labhda (F)phire

(F)Yaaron main ghar (C)keda

(G)Lokan toh puchda (Dm)phire

Challa(Am) hansda phire

Challa(D) ronda phire

Challa(G) gali gali rulda(C) phire

Challe (G)tu sab da

Challe (D)tera koi nai

Challa (G)gali gali rulda(E) phire

(Dm)Challa ki labda (F)phire ….C…

(E)Challa ki labda (Dm)phire

(F)Yaaron main ghar (C)keda

(G)Lokan toh puchda (Dm)phire

(F)Challa ki (C)labda (E)phire

lead part chords:-


Rang (Am)satrangi (F)de

Bulbulan (C)di boli(G)

Dhup de(Dm) pairi chale(F)

Chhawaan di (C)lai doli(E)

Repeat x2 (Same for the rest)

Hun (Am)kaale kaale badalan vich (D)chand labda

(G)Goongiyan hawaan diyaan awajaa (C)sun da

Yaaro(Am) aase paase wasda hai yaar(D) mera

Dikhda(G) ni ohdi khusbuaan sungdaan(Em)

Rest same….

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