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Classical Guitar Lessons with Jason Vieaux: Segovia Scales

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Jason Vieaux (http://bit.ly/2Euxb8E) goes over playing Segovia Scales, which will help you master shifting. More free videos at the link!

This is a lesson on the Segovia Scales. It is a book of scales written by Segovia that shows how Segovia practiced his scales. Andres Segovia was a Spanish classical guitarist. He was very well known for his controversial style of playing and a dogmatic style of teaching. Today, his legacy lives on in a museum in Linares, Spain, and through thousands of guitarists playing his scales.

There is no one set way to practice scales, although there are many books and methods. The Segovia Scales are just one of those ways. The Segovia Scales focus on shifting on the left hand, which becomes important in intermediate level and advanced level playing.

Jason Vieaux covers a variety of other topics in classical guitar in his collection of many pre-recorded lesson videos on ArtistWorks Classical Guitar School. He also assists his students through a video exchange, giving each student a personalized feedback on their performance.

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