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Conversations with Kerry 2 Smooth – R&B Guitar Q&A July 25, 2020 pt. 2

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https://www.kerryskamp.com/ Today, I’m going to spend time answering your questions. Let’s have a great time…and don’t forget to share this link on your social media channels!

https://kerryskamp.com Kerry’s Kamp will definitely help you with soloing, scales, learning how to develop your own sound, and much much more. If you’re serious about improving and you love R&B, neo soul and/ gospel, Kerry’s Kamp is what you need.

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For Beginners (FREE):
✅ Learn more R&B, neo soul and gospel top for unlocking your potential. Check out this free training for beginners from Kerry 2 Smooth here: https://youtu.be/f_PVZ2lAHMs

For Intermediates (FREE):
✅ Learn how to play, Boo’d Up, an R&B jam session favorite. It has some great techniques that will help intermediate level guitarists. https://youtu.be/XwQzzooJUBM

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✅ Learn Before I Let You Go by Blackstreet and get advanced level tips to help you. https://youtu.be/uu2FHNNekFM

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In this video, Kerry 2 Smooth answers your R&B Guitar questions!


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