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Demo of Flamenco Guitar Techniques Part 2 by Adam del Monte (Adv. Beginner-Intermediate)

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Flamenco Guitar Techniques (Part 2)

“Flamenco Guitar Techniques” is a comprehensive collection of exercises that will help flamenco and classical guitar players build solid right hand and left hand techniques. This in-depth study presents routines by which guitarists will build dexterity, fluidity, and confidence in playing.

Do you consider yourself an advanced beginner guitar player or have you already completed the Flamenco Beginner Package (Parts 1 & 2)? Have you been playing the guitar for a number of years, yet still seek ways to enhance your technique?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are that, despite your experience, you yearn to better your speed, accuracy, and dexterity. This five-hour long, two parts “Flamenco Guitar Techniques” is carefully designed to turn you into a more skillful player. It provides you with a series of targeted exercises and detailed video explanations by Adam del Monte, containing close-up shots and annotated music notations. In addition, each lesson supplies accompanying music sheets that you can instantly download.

Part 2 of “Flamenco Guitar Techniques” starts with the right hand tremolo exercises but mostly focuses on the left hand techniques. It offers you with plenty of exercises in Pull-offs, Hammer-ons, chord shifting with arpeggio, as well as Rumba pattern, bars, Tarantas slurs, combinations of left hand and right hand techniques, tremolo and some short falsetas in SoleĆ” and Tango.

About the instrument:

Website: http://chriscarrington.com/

– Classical guitar
– Brazilian rose wood back and sides
– Cedar top
– Bridge: Midi bridge (RMC pickup)
– 650 mm scale


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