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Detroit Rock City Guitar Lesson – Kiss – Chords/Riffs

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In this video guitar lesson we will go through the KISS classic “Detroit Rock City” note-for-note.

Released on their 1976 album Destroyer, “Detroit Rock City” quickly became a fan favorite. There are lot of catchy riffs to learn in this one!

In this Detroit Rock City guitar lesson series, I will show you all the chords and riffs found in “Detroit Rock City” in addition to taking you through the entire harmony guitar interlude section and explain in-depth how those harmonies are created and played.

First off, you will need to tune your guitar a half-step down from standard. Starting from the 6th string that will be Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb.

The first video lesson will cover all of those classic riffs. The chords used here are pretty much just basic power chords will nothing very challenging. One thing I do a little differently for the intro is put both guitar parts together so they can be played by just one guitarist. If you have another guitar you are working with you can split these up, but you can also play the entire intro on just one guitar if you want as well.

The chorus to “Detroit Rock City” is a little bit different every time they play it in the song. They basically change the ending riff depending on what part of the song it is. This will be easy to understand one you get the basic riffs down.

In the second video lesson I will tackle the guitar harmony section. This musical interlude consists of four guitars total. As I explain in the video lesson, two of these guitars are playing the harmony while the other two guitars are doubling each harmony guitar part an octave (12 frets) higher. Technically, these harmony guitar parts are also pretty easy to play so you should be having a blast playing them in no time.

Have fun with this KISS classic!



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