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'Douce Ambiance' Intro Chords – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets Lesson

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The ‘Douce Ambiance’ intro chords.

‘Douce Ambiance’ is one of Django’s popular tunes and actually one of the first I learnt when getting into gypsy jazz.

The intro and outro have these cool chords which are played under the top note of D which sounds with each chord.

This is the sequence of chords which always have D as the top note.

1. D7
2. Eb mag7
3. E7
4. F6
5. Bb mag7
6. Eb maj7
7. Am11
8. Ab7-5

Learn each chord until it’s comfy under your fingers and each note is sounding clearly.

The important thing is to always hear that D note ringing out on top.

Have fun and swing out!


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