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Effective Finger Stretches For Guitarists – Guitar Lesson – Rock – Blues – Metal – Jazz – Country

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One of the most essential aspects of playing guitar is keeping your hands in shape and ready to play. Not only do proper warm-ups loosen up your hands and make is possible for you to perform at a high level, but they will also help prevent repetitive motion injuries that are so common with musicians.

These stretching exercises work well in tandem with the previous stretching exercises that we have already done here at GuitarLessons365.

Those other exercises were made to be done without a guitar in your hands and by the responses I have received since that video went live, it is now being used by everyone from guitarists, pianists, typists and even in rehab programs for US soldiers injured in combat.

These new stretching routines are designed exclusively for guitarists. Through these 7 simple exercises you will work on the flexibility between every adjacent finger on your fretting hand.

Take your time to let your stretching capabilities develop. I suggest doing the first stretching video first, then follow it with this one with a guitar in your hands. Listen closely to the instructions as well, you don’t need to start out doing everything the same way I am in the video.

Have fun, and please remember not to push it too far in the beginning. Everybody’s hands are different and some will naturally be able to stretch further than others.

Cheers! Carl..


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