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Electric Guitar (Vision) for $60 – is it worth it?

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Sometimes you can find very cheap new electric guitars on Ebay or Amazon.
But are they any good?

Over the past few years I had about 15 different cheap electric guitas on my worktable.
All were more or less in the $ 60 – $ 80 price range.
So I think it’s save to say that I know what you can expect when buying a very cheap guitar online.

You can expcet everything!

I had guitars with broken potis or tuning pegs.
I had guitars with faulty wiring.
I had guitars with a ridiculously high action and the intonation way off. So thay came without any setup.
I had guitars with a factory fret job that bad, so that I hat to file away a good portion of the frets to get them level.
But I also had guitas that were playable from the start, like for example the guitar in this video.

Naturally the factory producing these very cheap guitars don’t pay much attention to quality control.
So it very much depends on the seller or it is pure coincidence if a guitar is good or bad.


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