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Eric Clapton Guitar Course [1 of 26] How To Play Like Eric Clapton

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Unit 1 – Silly Beer: Welcome to our Eric Clapton Cream Era player study! We kick off with a really cool solo, that really highlights Clapton’s Albert King influence, as well as introduces us to Clapton’s phrasing, vibrato, tone and movement between box 1 and box 2 pentatonic scales. Let’s dial in that Woman Tone and get playing!

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Eric Clapton in Cream

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Eric Clapton Guitar Course [1 of 26] Eric Clapton & Cream Player Study

In this lesson, as well as having a good listen to the solo we will be learning, we’re also refreshing your memory and quickly recapping the first two shapes of the pentatonic scale. Dan will also be giving the definitive Clapton approach to joining these two shapes together. Below we have the tab of this, as well as the two scale shapes drawn out on the fretboard in A minor.


If you want to follow along with the interactive tab, interactive fretboards and the extra lesson written detail, please check out the link here.

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