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Guitar Chords For Adult Beginners

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Make sure your guitar is in tune before playing these chords, you can tune your guitar with this video here: https://youtu.be/95lCHp3rZjY

More at: https://newguitarlessons.com

Slower Version:

Easy Guitar Chords – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIJcavcXHNk

For a lot more detail on each guitar chord go here:

E minor – http://youtu.be/4OqWfXGCfgI

E major – http://youtu.be/sgjv2hH_4A4

A minor – http://youtu.be/UB51hGGUch0

C major – http://youtu.be/In0o3zuPfxo

D major – http://youtu.be/Hv25utYz3gg

A major – http://youtu.be/a5oj861BKLY

B major – http://youtu.be/1mSogmgDz4Q

B seven – http://youtu.be/pyAkqd7dbUc

G major – http://youtu.be/YQXEVGNF1TY

F major – http://youtu.be/wPAOriOE1Qw

Learn how to play easy guitar chords for beginners on acoustic guitar or electric guitar. In this video guitar lesson you’ll learn the most important open position chords and also an easy way to play Barre Chords. These guitar chords for beginners are presented in a certain order for easy learning.

The first of the easy guitar chords for beginners is E minor, followed by E major. Next you learn A minor and C major, all in the open position, which means the chords contain open strings and are played at the nut position. The next chord is D major, followed by A major. You will learn the B major chord, which is a barre chord with the root note on the A string. After this you learn the B7 open chord, which sounds really nice.

You’ll then learn G major and the variation you can play of this chord, where you hold the B string at the third fret, or just leave it open. The final chord you’ll learn is F major. This one is tricky because its a barre chord, but there is a way of making these types of chords a little easier to learn, as shown in the video. You will also be shown the partial barre chord shape of F major, and will see how moving this shape around gives you any major chord you want to play.

With a little bit of practice it won’t take you long to master these guitar chords for beginners!


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