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Guitar Lesson – Minor Chord Embellishments – Soul Guitar Fills

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Detailed explanation on how to embellish minor chords with the 5 chord shapes. R&B fills, Soul fills, Hendrix style. Incl. FREE TABS: https://www.sandrasherman.com/tabs/Minor-Chord-Embellishments.pdf

Minor Chord Embellishments:
We`ll explorer the minor chord embellishments by taking the 5 chord shapes from the CAGED system. By adding fool proof tension notes to the basic minor chords, we create minor chord fills in the style of Jimy Hendrix, soul guitar fills and R&B minor fills. So these examples will work great for any rhythm guitarist as rhythm fillers minor chords.

This is also a minor chord guitar lesson, since you`ll learn new minor chord shapes.

Rhythm Guitar Fills Minor Chords:
There are many guitar lessons online for major chords, but very few about minor chords. In this video you`ll learn, how to embellish minor chords and have soul guitar fills / R&B guitar fills and Jimi Hendrix guitar fills in minor handy.

I hope this guitar minor chord embellishment lesson helps you become a more sophisticated guitar player.
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