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Here's How You Should Practice Guitar…Be Creative

by admin

https://kerryskamp.com Want to get my tips on what to practice and how long? I’m going to answer that in this video lesson. Hi, my name is Kerry 2 Smooth! I am a guitarist, producer, and instructor from Los Angeles, California. I desire to help as many people as I possibly can unlock their full potential as a guitar player. YouTube is one of my favorite ways to do so.

In this video, I’m sharing my tips for getting the most from your practice time. Being creative and experimenting is very important. In this video lesson, I’ll give you an example of how you can be creative in your practice time, using a new Justin Bieber song, Forever. I’ll focus specifically on soloing.

QUESTION — Do you think these tips will help you? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, share how you spend your time practicing!

https://kerryskamp.com Kerry’s Kamp will definitely help you with soloing, scales, learning how to develop your own sound, and much much more. If you’re serious about improving and you love R&B, neo soul and/ gospel, Kerry’s Kamp is what you need.

🚀 If this lesson or my channel helps you in any way, please help me by sharing this video. I would really appreciate it: ** https://youtu.be/lHHR7jrFzrk

For Beginners (FREE):
✅ Learn more R&B, neo soul and gospel top for unlocking your potential. Check out this free R&B guitar lesson for beginners on the number system from Kerry 2 Smooth here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8iwN…

For Intermediates (FREE):
✅ In this R&B guitar lesson, I’m focusing on timing. You’ll learn a lick I play and then I’ll give you a few more ideas to “add the sauce” such as the hammer on and palm muting. I’m using several intermediate level chords. I illustrate these principles by doing a tutorial of Faded Pictures by Case & Joe. It has some great techniques that will help intermediate-level guitarists.

For Advanced (FREE):
✅ Learn Before I Let You Go by Blackstreet and get advanced level tips to help you. https://youtu.be/uu2FHNNekFM

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About This Video:
In this video, Kerry 2 Smooth shares tips on how to get the most of your practice time. He focuses specifically on being creative and experimenting with R&B soloing using a new song by Justin Bieber, Forever.


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