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How to play The troubled heart by Sad Fantasy. Guitar lesson, PART 2 finger exercises

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Part 2 of How to play the guitar part of ‘the troubled heart by Sad Fantasy’, exercises to help you with the techniques involved in playing the guitar part.

Part 1 – Listen to the tune first https://youtu.be/SPN4L1VD3P4
Part 3 – learn the actual tune on guitar https://youtu.be/Rg1y3nvHAGo

Get the tab for this lesson at https://www.ebooks4guitar.com

Dramatic, romantic guitar tune ‘The troubled heart by Sad Fantasy’. If you enjoy this piece of music and play the guitar and will enjoy learning how to play this tune, please like and subscribe and I will upload more guitar lessons of Sad Fantasy songs from the GCH Guitar Academy, guitar course.

This relaxing, romantic guitar music has been uploaded several times to my channel because I have used it to experiment with video techniques to try and produce a really haunting gothic, yet not tacky video (which is really hard to do). Fingerstyle guitar lesson new for 2020 to teach anyone who plays the guitar how to play the troubled heart.

So if you haven’t already, watch Part 1 and listen through a couple of times first so you get a good idea how the tune goes and then move on to this lesson (part 2) to do some important guitar finger exercises and fingerstyle exercises. I have also uploaded the backing track with a metronome so you can play along with the tune once you have learned the guitar part.

How to play this tune on guitar

How to play this tune on guitar, left handed version.

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