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How to Play When The War Is Over on Guitar

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How to play When The War Is Over on guitar by Cold Chisel is a great guitar song for intermediate players to practice barre chords.

This is an in-depth look at When The War is Over. This song uses open chords, barre chords and three different strumming patterns.

I will show you how to play the song on guitar and talk you slowly through each part. I will start by showing you how to play each chord they use A, D, E, AMaj7, C sharp minor, F sharp minor B minor and a C shaped D and E chord. Then we will move on to the parts of the song. I will show you what strumming patterns they use in each part.

When learning how to play When The War Is Over on guitar the chords range from easy open chords to barre chords and difficult C shaped chords.
One of the harder aspects of the song is being able to play the strumming patterns while changing some of the more difficult chords.
The song does not have much guitar in it apart from the solo and some chords strumming later in the song which is low in the mix. This version is so you can strum along to the song and play with friends.

This is a series of guitar songs that Michael Warren will be posted weekly for Essential Guitar Lessons. I hope you enjoy this song and as always take your time and build your speed.

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