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Intermediate Guitar 2 – Learn Barre (bar) Chords

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To watch the rest of the lessons in this course, download the corresponding eGuide with diagrams and charts, download the jam tracks and much more, click the link below.

What You Get
– 11 HD video lessons **Over 98 minutes total
– Corresponding eGuide which includes detailed charts and diagrams for each lesson
– Step-by-step guidance to help you practice and retain the material in the video lessons and when to move on to the next lesson
– Jam Tracks to help you practice the material in the lessons
– And Much More!

Topics Covered in This Guitar Course
– Fretboard layout and note memorization
– Power chords
– Power chord progressions
– Advanced rhythm techniques
– Palm muting
– Accents when strumming
– String scratching when strumming
– 12 bar blues with power chords
– Barre Chords
– How to make smooth transitions with barre chords
– How to play barre chords with more advanced strumming
– How barre chords relate to open chords (CAGED System)
– How to play up and down fretboard with barre chords
– And much more!

This is lesson 5 from our course “Intermediate Guitar Course 2”. Our Intermediate courses are designed to take your playing to the next level. You’ll learn many new and important skills that will prepare you to jump into advanced lessons and courses. In this course you’ll learn more about fretboard layout and note memorization, power chords, advanced rhythm techniques, and 12 bar blues with power chords. You’ll also learn how to play the most important barre chords, how to make smooth transitions with barre chords, and much more..

**Guitar Barre Chords (Bm Barre Chord)
In this lesson you’ll learn how to play your first barre chord, the Bm barre chord. Barre chords are a big step in learning guitar. They open up many possibilities in your playing and once down, will make more advanced chords easier to learn. Most guitarists struggle at first when learning barre chords so really take your time and don’t get frustrated. You’ll learn a bunch of tips and tricks to help make playing barre chords easier, but it will still take a lot of practice to get them down. We’re starting with a Bm barre chord because it’s one of the easier ones to play and is found in tons of songs.

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