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Jazz Chords – Here Is Why You Want To Make Inversions

by admin

We mostly think about jazz chord inversions when it comes to types of chords like Drop2 and triads, but there is a lot more to discover when it comes to using inversion to create beautiful jazz chords.

In this video, I am going to start with a Dm7(9) voicing that you are probably already familiar with and then use that and a little voice-leading to create some great voicings and make inversions of entire chord progressions.

If you want to check out more jazz chords and different types of jazz voicings then check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esWyb1_hQRE&list=PLWYuNvZPqqcEr8dwWs4eyevHaL1vFrCyi&index=2

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0:00 Intro – A Dm7(9) voicing you already play
0:23 Making great sounding chords with inversions.
1:05 A little Voice-leading and a II V I Chord set
1:52 Inversions of the II V I Chords
2:22 Using Inversions and creating new sounds
2:47 Cmaj7 Shell-voicing and inversions
3:08 II Valt I chord set and inversions
3:59 A Great Counter-movement Trick for Shell-Voicings
4:45 Altered dominant Shell-voicing tricks
5:11 Putting it to use on a II V I Example 1
5:35 Example 2
5:53 Example 3 Inner-Voice movement ideas for these chords
6:24 Other Inversions
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