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JTC's Blues Soloing Masterclass: Full Course!

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JTC’s Blues Soloing Masterclass: Full Course!
Download Link: https://JTCGuitar.com/store/jamtracks/blues-soloing-masterclass-complete

This brand new JTC masterclass will take you through from the Blues basics to the soloing confidence of the stars! Crammed full of lessons, exercises, licks and solos, this full course has been designed step-by-step to take your Blues soloing to the next level!

We’re tackling a BIG subject this time. Blues is like a coal seam running through the rock of so much music. Even if you don’t play blues, you might play music that exists because of blues… jazz, classic rock, soul, funk? So with that in mind, Blues is undeniably a cornerstone of modern music that will benefit your playing greatly if you develop it’s skills and techniques! This series is a full course covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels so no matter what level you are currently at you can use this to push your Blues playing to new levels, fill in the gaps in your knowledge or if you’re advanced enough even brush up on your old skills to dust off those Blues chops!

The beginner volume covers a lot of ground! We’ll be looking at ‘what is Blues?’, the 12-bar structures, minor blues, common blues scales (Minor Pentatonic, Aeolian, Dorian and Blues), arpeggio playing and more. You’ll also be using exercises to internalise the key concepts, example licks to fit them into usable chunks of musical content and a final full solo to piece everything together in a real world example! This section covers the basics of blues playing with very accessible levels of difficulty to give you the perfect framework and foundation to build up those Blues abilities!

The intermediate volume takes things up a level and covers ‘standard blues’ (using dominant chords), targeting chord tones, microtone bends, exploiting the major/minor ambiguity and relies more on a bluesy phrasing style. You’ll also encounter a few more complicated ideas in the licks such as adding in chromatics, lydian dominant scales, super locrian scales and even some half/whole diminished ideas! You’ll find exercises designed to drill home the main ideas and engrain them deeply in your playing so that they’re there when you need them most and licks to give you fresh ideas and inspiration on how to use these concepts musically. Finally, we have not one, but two full solos! One covers a longer exploration of the concepts covered in the licks and the second takes a more full on approach to attitude and phrasing.

The Advanced volume is designed to take your blues playing further than before by dipping into a little bit of Jazz! Using Jazz concepts in Blues can provide a variety of complex and interesting sounds! In this volume we’ll be covering the harmonic approaches of turning a standard blues into a jazz blues with extended chords, chromatic chords, approach notes and enclosures on arpeggios, chromatic passing tones, targeting chord tones, double-stops, super-imposing arpeggios, mixolydian scales, blues scales, altered scales and more! The exercises here will give you a lot to work on, which will help to push your blues playing and the licks will both challenge and inspire you to use the concepts to create your own ideas. The full solo will piece everything together, covering all of the concepts, scale and ideas laid out in the licks in one difficult and highly tasteful solo!

Overall, throughout the full three part course we will be covering a lot of ground! If you can work your way though all three volumes, internalising and absorbing each concept as you learn it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of the Blues and soloing with the creative freedom you’ve always aspired for!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package, the core of which will be the three main masterclass PDF documents. There are also video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything!

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