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Mixolydian Guitar Lesson Part 1 – The Scale and the Sounds

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PDF: http://jacksguitartrax.com/downloads/mixolydian-guitar-lesson-part-1-the-scales-and-the-sounds/
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Livestream of this lesson 11/04/20: https://youtu.be/KrRTjJDr8Qc
A Mixolydian Backing Track that I use in the lesson: https://youtu.be/_MIpbZzlVAo
Part 2 of this lesson: https://youtu.be/EVrWjE2ewVY

In this mixolydian guitar lesson, we are just getting started with how I approach playing over a dominant chord. The mixolydian mode is a fairly plain sound, so I have several strategies to dress it up and make it more fun and interesting for the player as well as the listener.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Demonstration Jam
01:45 Lesson begins – Major vs. Mixolydian
03:00 Mixolydian Scale in the E CAGED Pattern
03:53 The Arpeggio that defines the Sound
04:13 How basic resolutions work over the backing track
05:38 Mixolydian Scale in the D CAGED Pattern
06:40 Breaking out of the CAGED box patterns
08:27 Wrapping it up!


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