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Run To You – Bryan Adams guitar lesson

by admin

In part 9 of 10 of this beginner guitar songs series, we go through how to play Bryan Adams awesome ‘Run To You’. This song is a great beginner song to learn as it only uses 6 chords and several beginner strumming patterns. This short video will explain all the chords, strumming patterns and lead parts needed to play this classic song.

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Intro (Capo fret 2)
Main riff x4

First Verse
Main riff x6

First Bridge
C, C, D, Bm

First Chorus
(Em, G, D) (D, A) x3
(Em, G, D) D

First Break
Main riff x2

Second Verse
Main riff x6

Second Bridge
C, C, D, Bm

Second Chorus
(Em, G, D) (D, A) x6
(Em, G, D) D

Middle 8
E, E, D, D
C, C, D, D
E, E, D, D
C, C, D, D

Second Break
(Em, G, D) (D, A) x2

Final Chorus
(Em, G, D) (D, A) x14
(Em, G, D) D


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