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STOP learning blues guitar the WRONG way – 3 Levels

by admin

1967 Gibson ES-335 (Big thanks to Rumble Seat Music!!)
Fender Pro Reverb with Eminence TF-1250s
Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp
Lehle splitter
Providence cables E-205
D’Addario Strings 10-46
Pickboy 1mm TF signature
Air Straps (Kashmir)

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▼5 Things I Wish Beginner Guitarists Knew (before my Guitar Lesson)

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▼▼FB live interview with Blues Radio International

▼▼My new interview with The Guitar Channel and La Chaîne Guitare:
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▼▼Fun Podcast interview with Rhett Shull

▼▼Tomo on Your Audio Solutions interview
Learn about my approach to guitar teaching, the blues, and much more in my interview with Niclas Jeppsson at Your Audio Solutions
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▼▼My interview with Josh Gardner at UK Guitar Magazine
That was a fun talking a lot of my stories, plus those questions were excellent!!
Please check my latest interview here….. the link: http://bit.ly/tomoguitar

▼▼Pickup Music interview!

5 minutes with Tomo Fujita

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Tomo Fujita Interview – Everyone Loves Guitar #305

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