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The Basement – Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Demo + New song (Illinois)

by admin

(please watch in high quality, the video’s better but more importantly the sound is better!)

Here’s a demo of the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar. I love this thing, it’s unbelievable that it’s a low budget guitar. Sorry for the strange fake ending in the middle, I decided to add the last song afterward. The micing setup isn’t ideal, but it’ll have to do, even if only as a preview. Skip to 5:45 if you just want to hear the song. The song is available on my new album “City Shade/Country Sun” – listen and download at http://jessegimbel.bandcamp.com – please share!

Micing setup for demo:
Audio Technica AT3035 and Oktava MK319 in an XY pair around the 15th fret of the guitar. The 3035 is a brighter mic, and the Oktava is darker, so they compliment each other well.
AT3035 to Studio Projects VTB1 to Firestudio Project
Oktava to API 312 clone to Firestudio Project

Micing setup for Illinois:
Same mics and preamps, but arranged with the capsules as close as possible in a vertical XY-like setup.

Recorded in Cubase, no EQ or compression on the demo. For Illinois there is a bit of a low cut and compression on the Oktava.
Shot on a Nikon D90.


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